About me

Alaeddine AZAIEZ

Basically, I like to do these 3 things:

– Lead others and inspire them to their greatest potential,

– Solve problems that are interesting and expensive,

– Continually improve my ability to do the prior 2 things.

On December, 2011, I presented for the first time my conference, The Money Trap. This conference is your personal Rosetta Stone for unlocking the secrets of the modern financial system.

I am also the presenter of other highly acclaimed conferences: The Presentation Revolution: How To Change The World With A Presentation, MAP Cashflow: A Proven System To Increase Your Income While Living Your Dreams, Think Like Engineers: Easy Solutions To Increase Your Creative Skills And Make The Change You Want To See, and A New Mind For The New Humankind.

Now, and over the past 3 years, I have been helping hundreds of people restore their passion for communication and public speaking. I also work with leaders of organizations on implementing communication strategies for increasing their profits by motivating their people and communicating their visions.

Give yourself and your audience specific processes for achieving miraculous results. As a noted authority on public speaking and presentation design,

I will teach your audience how to:

  • Structure and deliver their Presentation THE WORLD CLASS WAY.
  • Create audience empathy and arrange messages for greater impact.
  • Create their real Genuine Authentic Stories.
  • Use the best practices for visually displaying messages.
  • Make a bigger difference through their passions.
  • Leverage their strengths to achieve remarkable results.
  • Monetize their expertise.
  • Create a cashflow and achieve financial freedom

More details:

I am also the founder of Ozone corp, the one-of-kind presentation design company in Tunisia. It is the first company in Tunisia specialized in creating solutions for corporate and individuals presentations. It also provides training sessions to help you take your presentation skills to the next level and turn your passion into a profitable business.

Recently in 2015, I started “Omnia Advertising”, the indoor advertising platform that reinvents the way small and medium businesses reach their customers in order to create value over Ads. As well I still provide business coaching and consulting for startups in Tunisia and abroad.


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